if you're reading this page, chances are you're looking for a place to stay in a cooperative in Chicago.  We commend you for seeking out a cooperative housing arrangement.  Cooperative living truly is a better solution.

However, do be aware that the Albany Consensus is a long-term-type, full-equity cooperative.  Some of our members have been here since the cooperative's founding!  Openings at the Albany Consensus do happen, but are rare.  If one of our members were to make plans to move, we'd certainly post a note about it on the front page.

Do not dispair!  Below are some notes about some other cooperatives you might try.  These notes have dates attached and so you can see how up-to-date they are.  Of course, we have no other information about these cooperatives, so your best (and only) bet is to contact them directly.  Good luck!

The HUB Cooperative -- posted Spring 2009
We happen to know that the HUB has some vacancies.  They, too, are long term residency model house; but we've heard there might be some short-to-medium term occupancy available.

Stone Soup Cooperative -- posted Fall 2008
Stone Soup is a limited equity cooperative (more of a student cooperative model) that periodically has vacancies.